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"Dear Chantelle, heaps of thanks from myself, Nate and Anya. My family and guests were amazed by the design of our tutu theme party for Anya last Sunday (23rd Oct). Thanks a lot for doing this for us with such short notice!!!

We will circulate your contact details to our friends!!! We love everything at the party. The dessert party is definitely a winner!

One of the mum's 9 year old daughter originally only wants to stay for half an hour as she thinks the baby party is boring, but she changed her mind and didn't want to leave until the party finishes.

We love the dessert table, the drink table, little vases (I'm going to buy some my own), the table sign, back drop, welcome sign, everything is in detailed!!! Thanks again for doing this and we will have this beautiful memory forever. Maria Ye"

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